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About the Artist

       I never thought of myself as an artist. I was not one who was prone to doodling or sketching things. The last time I picked up a paintbrush was in grade school watercolor class. Throughout my life I was driven by one insatiable need, to acquire new knowledge and new skills.  I wanted to know what made things tick. Even as a child I had an annoying habit of disassembling my new toys within a day or two of receiving them, much to my parents dismay. Along the way I have been a builder, a mechanic,  a teacher,  a pilot, a restauranteur, a scientist, an engineer, an inventor, an entrepreneur, a writer, a philosopher, a gardener, a traveler, a student of the human condition, and now, an artist. I have become the quintessential Renaissance man in every definition of the word.


       My art reflects many aspects of the things done in my life. I see things in terms of straight lines, perfectly round circles, solid colors, and hard edges. When ideas come to me, they come in the form of two dimensional images, perfectly drawn. I live in a world consisting of circles, squares, triangles, lines, and arcs. There seems to be an almost spiritual purity in the things I create. Pythogoras, the father of geometry started a religion based on geometry and the perfection of mathematics as the language of the universe.  In like manner, I see  perfection in these basic forms and create works of art based on combinations of primitive shapes and colors to produce compositions that stimulate both the analytical and emotional halves of the brain.


       No two people see exactly the same thing in my art. Like looking at clouds, what you see depends entirely on your own visual perception. I am not above leading the viewer a bit. I cannot resist the temptation to throw in numbers, symbols, mathematical relationships, and other hidden goodies to keep the art public guessing about why I did what I did and what it all means. I leave it to the critics and art scholars to figure it out. In the mean time, I will go happily on my way exploring the myriad ways I might titillate the senses with simple shapes, vivid colors, and interesting compositions.  The possibilities to create truly inspirational art are endless

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